Federal Assistance

NIH Funding and Lupus


What is the World Health Organization?

The World Health Organization is an international organization dedicated to...

Living with Lupus

Caregivers and Lupus Warrior Allies: Helping Advocate

Living with lupus is tough. But, being a caregiver comes with challenges, too.


Life Insurance and Lupus

Life insurance can help provide financial resources in the event of your passing. But with lupus, it can be more difficulty to come by. What are your options? Life insurance companies pay the family or dependents of the deceased a sum of money on the person’s death....


TULIP 2 Phase III and Type 1 Interferon Lupus Treatments

Anifrolumab, a promising type 1 interferon medication, passed its second Phase III trial. The new treatment is now eligible for approval for the treatment of lupus. Type 1 interferon medications are promising candidates for treating lupus because they reduce inflammation and temper...

Lupus Stats

Mortality Rates, Treatment Effectiveness, & Lupus

Are new lupus treatment strategies keeping people healthier? A 42-year longitudinal study found improved health outcomes and decreased mortality for people living with lupus. Measuring the success of lupus treatments can be a challenge. Though a number of tools have been developed, they...

Federal Assistance

Financial Assistance & Benefits for Life with Lupus

Lupus medications and treatment are expensive. A little help can go a long way. Many financial assistance programs are available to Lupus Warriors. Regular clinic visits, laboratory tests, and prescription medications are essential for battling lupus and for living your best life. But, the costs can add...

Lupus Symptoms

Butterfly Rash (Malar): Telltale Lupus Symptom?

The butterfly rash is a reddish purple facial rash that appears on the faces of many Lupus Warriors. 31% - 65% of people with lupus experience the skin symptom. Many associations, funds, bloggers, and lupus advocates include a butterfly in their logos. This symbol is common as a reference to the...

Federal Assistance

Affording Medications for Lupus: Programs & Assistance

The pain and fatigue of lupus doesn't just take a toll on your body. Affording medications can hurt your wallet. Out-of-pocket costs for medications and uncovered portions of clinical visits can be a major headache -- and cause some people to forego potential treatments altogether. While research and development of...


Spotlight On: Judith James, M.D., Ph.D.

As both a board-certified rheumatologist and internationally-acclaimed researcher, Dr. Judith James has been instrumental in improving the lives of people with lupus & other rheumatic diseases. Even as a child, Judith James was planning for a career in medicine. “When I was 4, I told my pediatrician that I...

Health Insurance

Health Insurance, Getting Coverage, & Lupus

Finding the perfect health insurance plan when living with lupus requires research, analysis of personal health needs, & an understanding of risk tolerances. Health insurance (and insurance in general) works by collecting dues from members and then making payments for members that experience a qualifying event....

Day-to-Day Living

Smoking, e-Cigarettes, Nicotine, & Lupus

Many of the dangers of smoking cigarettes, including cancers, COPD, and emphysema, are well known. For Lupus Warriors, it's also important to understand the impacts of nicotine on the immune system. Cigarette smoke, including secondhand smoke, is well-known as a risk factor for different kinds of cancers, infections, cardiovascular...