Lupus Symptoms

Inflammation-Related Anemia & Lupus

Day-to-Day Living

Skin Bacteria, Infections, and Lupus Flares

Skin Bacteria, Infections, and Lupus Flares: What’s the Relationship? Lupus disrupts the microbes on the...

Living with Lupus

Cognitive Development of Children and Lupus

Inflammation and medications can have profound impact on tissues within the body....

Living with Lupus

Overcoming Difficulties Maintaining Employment with Lupus

Lupus can get in the way of many aspects of day-to-day life. Working with lupus is possible – but may require some adjustments and a little self-forgiveness. Muscular weakness, fatigue, stress, and doctors’ appointments can make work and school difficult for people...

Living with Lupus

Winter is Coming: Cold Weather and Lupus

It’s true, winter is coming, but what does that mean for your lupus (or the other conditions you might be battling right alongside like Raynaud’s or Rheumatoid Arthritis?)  If there is one thing we know about lupus, it is that it effects people very differently.  While that is one of...

Day-to-Day Living

Oral Health, Smiles, & Lupus Symptoms

Good oral health can be the difference between smiling & screaming. But, it's not as easy as proper brushing when you have lupus. The mouth is the beginning of the digestive system. When considering oral health, all aspects of the mouth including the tongue, teeth, mucous membrane, and salivary glands are...