Disability Assistance Tools and Lupus


AI, Machine-Based Learning Software, and Lupus

Will artificial intelligence help us better understand lupus? The answer is yes,...

Diagnosis and Tests

Lack of COVID-19 Tests Could Again Be Issue for Lupus Warriors

As COVID-19 infections are rebounding across many European countries, the United States could yet...


LupusCorner Podcast: Listen Now!

LupusCorner Podcast LupusCorner presents the LupusCorner podcast, a new way for Lupus Warriors to stay informed on research updates, symptom insights, guest interviews, and much more! Follow us on any of the following podcast channels, and stay up-to-date on the latest in lupus news! Stream...

Living with Lupus

LupusCorner Community: What’s New & Noteworthy

Here is a quick roundup from our LupusCorner community, including survey results from social platforms, published articles and podcasts, lupus-related news, and what you can expect from us in the near future! It's been an eventful month for our LupusCorner community! Your input, feedback, and participation...

Living with Lupus

Home Medical Devices, Independence, and Lupus

Equipping yourself with the right tools can help you live more independently and happily at home. The right tool  makes all the difference. The adage holds for healthcare as well with more equipment being available for use at home than ever before.

Diagnosis and Tests

Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO), LupusPRO, and Lupus

Measuring lupus pain, fatigue, and other symptoms over time is hard. Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are self-reports from patients that can help diagnose and manage the disease. Patient-reported outcomes use surveys to measure lupus. Mostly, these surveys identify the physical symptoms of lupus. But also helps researchers and doctors identify the...


Life Insurance and Lupus

Life insurance can help provide financial resources in the event of your passing. But with lupus, it can be more difficulty to come by. What are your options? Life insurance companies pay the family or dependents of the deceased a sum of money on the person’s death....

Federal Assistance

Financial Assistance & Benefits for Life with Lupus

Lupus medications and treatment are expensive. A little help can go a long way. Many financial assistance programs are available to Lupus Warriors. Regular clinic visits, laboratory tests, and prescription medications are essential for battling lupus and for living your best life. But, the costs can add...

Federal Assistance

Affording Medications for Lupus: Programs & Assistance

The pain and fatigue of lupus doesn't just take a toll on your body. Affording medications can hurt your wallet. Out-of-pocket costs for medications and uncovered portions of clinical visits can be a major headache -- and cause some people to forego potential treatments altogether. While research and development of...


Setting Achievable, SMART Goals with Lupus

New year. New me. Setting SMART goals is a great way to stick to your resolutions and boost your health in 2018 (and beyond!) Goals are an essential factor in adopting a healthier lifestyle. Proper goals help you identify both desirable changes and the necessary steps to enact...

Day-to-Day Living

Lupus Can Make It Hard To Sleep. Can Tech Help?

While everyone needs good sleep, for Lupus Warriors it is even more critical, but often elusive. "My mom thinks I'm lazy but I told her most nights I don't even sleep ... I just lay there." Is there anything worse than being tired but unable to drift off?...