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Cold Weather, Symptom Flares, and Lupus

Diagnosis and Tests

Frequency Domain Optical Imaging and Lupus Disease Progression

Frequency Domain Optical Imaging is a potential method for diagnosing inflammation-related arthritis...

Lupus Symptoms

Fevers and Lupus

Fevers are a common symptom of lupus flares but can also be...

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Tattoos and Lupus: Is There a Risk?

Tattoos are a part of many cultures and en vogue these days. But, what...

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Societal Expectations and Lupus

People with lupus often find it hard to live up to many...

Living with Lupus

Dry Eye and Lupus

Dry eye is a frustrating and painful condition that affect the eyes...

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Managing Energy, The Spoon Theory, and Lupus

Lupus Warriors know the challenges of managing energy carefully. Explaining the delicate balance to...

Living with Lupus

LupusCorner Community: What’s New & Noteworthy

Here is a quick roundup from our LupusCorner community, including survey results...

Day-to-Day Living

Air Quality and Lupus: Take a Deep Breath

Many Lupus Warriors are aware of the link between lupus and lung health, but...


Supplements and Lupus

Many people take supplements to add essential nutrients to their diet, hoping...

Local Support

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Lupus

Traumatic events can lead to mental strife that lasts a lifetime. Not...


Good Exercises for Lupus Warriors

Exercise is vital for people with lupus – but many workouts that...

Living with Lupus

Menstruation and Lupus

Because changing hormone levels effect the immune system in a big way,...

Q&A Forum

Q&A Forum: Community Lupus Stories

This week we share the personal lupus stories from our


Lupus Diets: An In-Depth Review

The foods you eat have a huge impact on the way you...


Antimalarial Drugs and Lupus

Antimalarial drugs are medications that were originally used to treat malaria. But,...

Living with Lupus

Women and Lupus: The Impact of Genetics & Hormones

Genetics and hormones both contribute to the development of autoimmune diseases. And,...