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As the end of 2021 approaches, we take a look back at an eventful year! Our lupus community has continued to grow, participate, and educate one another. We thank you all for an amazing year and look forward to what’s next!

We’ve had quite the year! Thanks to you, we’ve been able to take new and exciting risks, as well as embracing new endeavors to help keep our community updated on lupus research, treatment, and more! Here’s an overview of 2021.


LupusCorner Podcast

The LupusCorner Podcast has become a wonderful asset to our Lupus Warriors. Adding an additional element to our lupus content, it has brought us so much joy in creating!

We are streaming on all platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts! Just click on the icons to listen!

We’re thankful for all of your reviews! They go a long way in allowing us to make more episodes!


Stay tuned for more exciting LupusCorner Podcast episodes in the new year!


Lupus Crossword Puzzle

Over the past few months we introduced lupus crossword puzzles to our social media followers and newsletter subscribers. We’ve had lupus quizzes and surveys in the past, so we decided to create something a little more fun! Here is our most recent puzzle:

Once you’ve completed the puzzle, click here for the answer key!


MyLupusCorner Instagram: Top Posts

Our instagram page is a fantastic tool for Lupus Warriors to interact with other members of our lupus community. It also serves as a great way top stay updated on current lupus information and research. Here are some of our top posts:


Make sure to follow us for updated lupus content! Click here.


Top Articles of the Year

Cold Weather, Symptom Flares, and Lupus

Most people with lupus are, unfortunately, very familiar with symptom flares. The triggers that cause these sudden increases in pain and other symptoms of lupus can vary from person to person, and sometimes flares seem to occur at random. However, winter is an especially difficult time of year for many Lupus Warriors.

Read more.

Lupus Diets: An In-Depth Review

Several diets are very beneficial for people with lupus, and many of them have premade meal delivery services available. This can make it easier to eat well. However, when deciding whether to change your diet, always talk to your doctor first. So, what diets may be helpful for Lupus Warriors?

Read more.

Women and Lupus: The Impact of Genetics & Hormones

They also disproportionately impact women and particular racial and ethnic groups. In fact, 78% of people with autoimmune disease are female. Both of these disproportionate prevalences are even more pronounced when looking at lupus. 9 out of 1o people diagnosed with lupus are women.

Read more.

Hygiene and Lupus

What’s Next? Upcoming Articles and Information

Articles to expect in the next month:

  • Retinopathy & Lupus Diagnosis
  • Four SLE Subgroups, Defined by Autoantibodies
  • New Q&A Forum

What else to expect:

  • LupusCorner Podcast: Episode 9
  • LupusCorner Crossword Puzzle
  • New lupus-specific social media content

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