Serositis and Lupus

Living with Lupus

Moon Face, Facial Swelling, and Lupus

Moon face is a colloquial name for extreme facial swelling. It is a common...


Remission and Lupus

Although lupus is not a curable disease, it can be treated to the point...

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Sleep Tips and Lupus

Tips and tricks for sleeping with lupus. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

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Lupus Headaches: Causes, Types, and Treatments

Lupus headaches are a notorious and well-known symptom of lupus. However, they...

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Tips & Tricks for Cleaning with Lupus

Cleanliness is good for physical and mental health, but pain and fatigue are obstacles...

Lupus Symptoms

Retinal Vasculitis, Nerve Damage and Lupus

Over 28% of people with lupus have eye symptoms, an issue that is not...

Living with Lupus

Stroke Risk Factors and Lupus

People with lupus have a higher risk of developing strokes and experiencing...

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Q&A Forum: Environment, Weather, & Lupus Symptoms

The environment can have an immense impact on your lupus symptoms. Factors, such as...

Lupus Symptoms

Humidity and Lupus

Seasonal temperature changes add to the challenges of life with lupus. Humidity...


Interleukins, Messenger Molecules, and Lupus

Interleukins are important messenger molecules in the immune system and many of them are...

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What Not to Say to Someone With Lupus

Lupus warriors know all too well that words can hurt just as...


Minority Populations, Genetic Factors, and Higher Risk of Lupus

Inequalities in treatment, care, and environment make minority populations more likely to have severe...

Lupus Symptoms

Lower Back Pain, Chronic Inflammation, & Lupus

Many Lupus Warriors, particularly people with nephritis, struggle with constant aches & lower back...

Diagnosis and Tests

Measuring Lupus Disease Activity Over Time

Some say that the only thing constant is change. This can feel especially true...


Unique Oral Bacteria in Lupus

The microbiome – the bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms that naturally live in...

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Societal Expectations and Lupus

People with lupus often find it hard to live up to many...