Lupus Story: B Free

B Free’s Lupus Story

Finding out I had Lupus wasn’t initially devastating. It answered an enormous amount of questions about my odd health issues. For instance, chicken!

Why was it some months I could devour chicken no matter how it was prepared, and other months it was like eating paste and rocks?

What are these tiny blisters all over my fingers, nail bed and toes?

Why do I look like like I’m blushing all the time?

Why do I feel feverish in the late evenings, and have ridiculous migraines?

What are these odd blisters in my nose?

Why is there always ‘invisible’ proteins in my urine tests?

Why am I gaining weight?

I have a homeopathy and clean eating lifestyle! I swim, garden, play sports, and love the outdoors and NEED sunshine to recharge my batteries! Why do my knees and hands hurt, I’m not old enough for arthritis! It took a decade and multiple doctors and specialists to finally get an ANA test. When that came back, then it was more tests, x-rays, MRI’s, and finally an internal medicine physician put all the test results together and the light bulb of suspicion beamed. Lupus huh? Is it deadly? No. Can it be managed? Yes. Will I be on medication for life? Possibly. Will it require a drastic lifestyle change, because I’m confident my current protocols are top notch! Possibly.

Now 16 years into my diagnosis, I manage things the best I can. I am thankful for my diagnosis, because when something peculiar happens with my body and systems, I know it’s just my body fighting bits and pieces of itself because it’s completely mad! But all the best people are. (Alice in Wonderland)