Lupus Story: Kym H

Kym H’s Lupus Story

Diagnosised age 14 with Sjogren’s. Started with occasional blacking out due to overheating, I would have to lay down on the floor or coolest part of it. I started having sensitivity to light in my early 20’s and dry mouth, my glands would swell in my face when my body was fighting an infection.
Got pregnant 2015 and had to see a fetal specialist, and pregnancy was smooth but I was experiencing pain. Gave birth in 2016 and my body went down Hill. Extreme tooth decay, black out episodes due to overheating, re occurring nose bleeds, constant dry glands everywhere.
Diagnosis with SLE lupus 2019, started on 10mg of prednisone came down to 5mg and plaqunil, side affects to medications definitely: depression, anxiety, up and down weight, light sensitivity, migranes, acne, vision distortion, mood swings, allergic to antibiotics with “sulfer”, digestive issues, heart burn, sore body and joints, Butterfly rash / sores, THC helps!