The Pancreas and Lupus


Yoga, Stress Relief, and Lupus

Yoga is a stress-relieving exercise that has many potential benefits for people with lupus.


Sleep Strategies, Better Rest, & Lupus

Struggling to sleep through the night is a common frustration for people with lupus....


Setting Achievable, SMART Goals with Lupus

New year. New me. Setting SMART goals is a great way to stick to your resolutions and boost your health in 2018 (and beyond!) Goals are an essential factor in adopting a healthier lifestyle. Proper goals help you identify both desirable changes and the necessary steps to enact...

Living with Lupus

Predicting a Lupus Flare – Can it be Done?

Headed towards a lupus flare? New research into predictive biological markers may hold the answer. Lupus symptoms can come and go depending on the activity of the disease. When symptoms are light, or not present, lupus is in quiescence (or "remission"); when enough symptoms are present, it is called a lupus flare. There...