Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) for Lupus

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  1. Linda Todd says:

    After taking plaquenil, 200 mg twice a day, for 18 years, I developed severe retina damage. I saw a ring of lights, told my eye doc whom I saw every 6 months, and he said he didn’t see anything during the retina exam. A year later, after moving to another state, I saw another eye doc for my checkup. I told her what I was seeing, blurred vision in the left eye, lights in a circle, right eye, lights in a partial circle. She did a retina exam, saw nothing abnormal, but ordered additional tests. They showed severe damage. I’ve been off for three years now, and the damage continues. It’s a good drug that helped me a lot. But just make sure your eye doc does more testing if you experience any of the visual field things I did. And yes, I missed more and more in the color chart that in the beginning were very clear.

    I’ve lost most of the vision in my left eye, and my right eye has just the cloudy circle. I cannot drive at night any longer. I wear glasses to see to drive during the day.

    Good luck, and I do hope that Plaquenil works as well for you as it did for me without the eye problems.

  2. Miriam DeVries says:

    I have just been diagnosed with a “mild” case of Lupus at age 57. I’m told I’ve had the disease most of my life. My rheumatologist wants me to take Plaquenil, but I have a strong family history of macular degeneration and am afraid to take it. Also, new dosing information from The American Academy of Ophthalmology is 5 mg/kg of real weight (not ideal weight). Many people have been overmedicated, according to an article in Ocular Surgery News U.S. Edition, September 10, 2018.

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