SYS: When Should You Tell a New Date You Have Lupus?

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  1. DaphneN says:

    As you develop a relationship with someone you should be honest with that person. It is an awesome feeling to have the support of your partner. They can be a benefit in your recovery. My boyfriend helped by researching foods that caused me flares. He was beneficial in helping me recognize my triggers. And the compassion and understanding of my restorative rest was a great reduction of my stress level. It is hard to share the effects of lupus on your body when you quite don’t understand them yourself.

  2. Erika H says:

    I believe that it depends on the situation. If you feel as though this person will be in the picture long term the sooner the better so that they can decide if having a relationship with someone that is sick is something they are able to handle. I recently told a guy within the first two weeks, it felt right and it was what I wanted to do. We are no longer dating and me having lupus is a huge reason for this. I’m glad I chose to tell him when I did because the longer we would have dated the closer to him I would have gotten and I would have ended up hurt in the end.

  3. nefertara says:

    Tell your potential mate OK to share on first date. What you see is what you get.

  4. Connie says:

    It entirely depends on the situation but I typically do not disclose until the relationship turns serious. Whatever that means.

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