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Lupus Flares: Is There Such a Thing as Normal?

It's normal to fear the unexpected, and what's more unexpected than lupus flares? Check out statistics and insights from Lupus Warriors. You follow the standard advice on how to avoid a disease flare: Limit stress Get plenty of rest Be cautious of UV light and sun exposure ...

Living with Lupus

Predicting a Lupus Flare – Can it be Done?

Headed towards a lupus flare? New research into predictive biological markers may hold the answer. Lupus symptoms can come and go depending on the activity of the disease. When symptoms are light, or not present, lupus is in quiescence (or "remission"); when enough symptoms are present, it is called a lupus flare. There...

Day-to-Day Living

Lupus Flare? Get Management Advice From Experts

A lupus flare can be frustrating and frightening. Experts share their thoughts on how to best take on lupus (while managing your life). The onset of symptoms, ranging from rashes and fatigue to serious joint pain and risk of organ damage, can seem unmanageable. A lupus flare contrast...