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Where Can I Find a Local Support Group?

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We’re glad you’re part of the LupusCorner community! Looking for additional resources or an in-person support group?

For many people, having lupus can be an isolating and scary proposition. Your friends and loved ones may not understand what you are going through. Life with an invisible illness can be tough. Connecting with other people that understand can make it easier.

In the United States

The Lupus Foundation of America – Local Chapters

  • With over 20 local chapters across the country, the LFA is a great option for in-person support in your area with unique programs
  • In addition to in-person support groups, the LFA offers location-specific news and events
  • LFA local chapters are familiar with rheumatologists and other clinicians near you. They can help you assemble the right lupus treatment team
  • LFA also has online forums


Lupus Foundation of New England

  • Includes in-person and over-the-phone lupus support groups
  • Local events, like educational symposiums, to get connected with other Lupus Warriors and learn ore about lupus


Kaleidiscope Fighting Lupus

  • Operating local chapters in:
    • Portland, OR
    • Star Valley, WY
    • Nashville, TN
    • Springfield, MA


The Hospital for Special Surgery – in New York; programs include:

Ask at your own hospital!


Lupus LA

Provides a range of patient services near Los Angeles, CA including conferences, support groups, emergency grants, and summer camp for kids.

  • In-person support groups in:
    • Sherman Oaks
    • Alhambra
    • Irvine
    • Crenshaw
    • LA – for Spanish speakers
    • on the UCLA campus
    • Rancho Cucamonga
    • Baldwin Park
    • Long Beach


In the United Kingdom

Lupus UK – Regional Groups

  • 19 Regional groups spread throughout the UK



LupusCorner for iPhone and for Android is designed for life with lupus. It includes:

  • easy symptom tracking
  • medication management tools
  • community forum
  • access to the newest LupusCorner content


Lupus Research Alliance

  • Great information on current research into lupus
  • Includes support group channels and community features


Lupus Chick


Comments (29)

29 thoughts on “Where Can I Find a Local Support Group?

  1. Need a support group in Lancaster, Palmdale area of LosAngeles county. And further north Ridgecrest, Bakersfield, Tehachapi in Kern County areas.
    The need for guidance, instruction with family providers and lupies themselves is getting very desperate here. Most must drive 2-6 hours to get proper help.
    Advocates, group meetings, community awareness is crucial.
    Stars are always picking up a cause but for some reason this one is not getting the media coverage it requires. This is worse than Fybromyalgia in fact most ppl with Fybro have a form of lupus.
    Gees Sesame Street has a small skit about Lupus why can’t adults get the word out to all people.

  2. Selena Gomez and cindi Lauper have gotten honest and spoken publicly about their battles with Lupus. That helps in the fight of this often “invisible disease”.
    We have to spread the word. Be Proactive, answering the question “how are you?” Honestly, instead of the usual reply of “okay, or fine”…
    Be honest, i know most people do not really want the real honest answer however, how can they even begin to try to understand IF we do not even give them a truthful answer?

  3. I live in Clovis new Mexico I have lupus and scleroderma and all underlying diseases known except fibromyalgia where is support group

    1. Thank you for the recommendation and for sharing information on the services provided by the Lupus Foundation of Southern California. The post has been updated with a link and the information on the support groups! 🙂

  4. I’m in Georgia now. I moved from NY to N.C. I wish I was more active. I use a cane for mobility. I want more activities and events for us. Housing is a issue also. Thanks.

    1. I’m looking for an attorney in the Atlanta, Georgia area familiar with filing for SSI Disability benefits for people with lupus as well as support groups.

  5. Where can I find a support group in Quebec, Canada? I’m looking to seriously start a AIP diet and really need help…….

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