Tracking Lupus Symptoms and Treatments

It can be hard enough to remember what you ate for lunch yesterday. Relying on memory for tracking lupus isn't enough. Keeping track diligently of lupus symptoms, flares, and treatments are a crucial part of finding out what is working for you -- and just as importantly, what isn't working....

Living with Lupus

Winter is Coming: Cold Weather and Lupus

It’s true, winter is coming, but what does that mean for your lupus (or the other conditions you might be battling right alongside like Raynaud’s or Rheumatoid Arthritis?)  If there is one thing we know about lupus, it is that it effects people very differently.  While that is one of...

Lupus Symptoms

Pain from Lupus | Causes & Possible Solutions

One of the most common symptom of lupus, many people experience and live with chronic pain. But, there are strategies for battling it. "My hands, wrist, shoulders... You name it, the pain is there" The pain associated with lupus can be one of the most challenging parts of the disease....

Living with Lupus

Pain-Relieving Tips if the Weather Gets You Down

Living with lupus is tough. But, the winter cold can make it worse. Here are 3 pain-relieving tips for making it through the coldest season. While scientists haven't found a link between cold weather and lupus symptoms, here are some pain-relieving tips for times when the cold...