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Pain-Relieving Tips if the Weather Gets You Down

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Living with lupus is tough. But, the winter cold can make it worse. Here are 3 pain-relieving tips for making it through the coldest season.

While scientists haven’t found a link between cold weather and lupus symptoms, here are some pain-relieving tips for times when the cold seems like too much to handle.

1. Try Stretching

Exercising can be tough during the winter. However, it can help to find some time to engage in stretching and range of motion exercises. Even walking around the house can help!

2. Good Sleep

Did you know that pain and sleep are linked? Studies have shown that better sleep can improve pain symptoms. Sleeping during the winter can be tough, but electric blankets can help as well as a warm evening bath.

Looking to learn more about improving your sleep? Click here

3. Meditation

With the winter comes the holidays, and sometimes with the holidays comes stress. It’s important to manage the holiday stress and meditation can be a great way.

Mindfulness exercises can even help you take on pain!

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