Pain and Lupus

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  1. Linda Olding says:

    I have it all it’s no funny at all I have to take 1 Day at a Time and stay stress Free when I can. I very hard to do But try the best I can. Think positive . an you will get to the next day or night nights are Bad too. when your in pain.

  2. teresa says:

    I have an huge issue with med sights and administartively run support groups that I belong to for Lupus, migraine and RA. They all say follow a diet that your doctor suggests. Or, ask your doctor about the proper nutrition that will help. Hahaha! Doctors know nothing about nutrition. They dont learn about nutrition in med school. There is a chapter or 2 on the basics. Nurses learn nithing about nutrition. Even licensed nutritionists follow the standard American diet, with no addition of herbs, spices, oils, teas or essential oils. Domyour iwn research and listen to your body.

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